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Fun loving entrepreneur. Customer service specialist. Avid football fan. Lover of the outdoors.

Chris Pintek is a business owner with a passion for fun. The owner and operator of Fun Inflatables based in Fort Worth, Texas, Chris is an outgoing, free-spirited entrepreneur. Chris creates experiences that bring families, friends and employees closer together. He works tirelessly to exceed his customers’ expectations.

Through his thriving business, Fun Inflatables, Chris Pintek offers:

  • bounce houses;
  • water slides and dry slides;
  • obstacle courses;
  • foam parties;
  • archery and laser tag;
  • outdoor movie screen rentals;
  • amusement rides; and,
  • so much more.


To learn more about Fun Inflatables, contact Chris at

Chris spends his spare time working out at the gym, volunteering his time with local charities, spending time outdoors, or catching the latest Boston Celtics or New England Patriots game. He is known as a creative, innovative entrepreneur who believes a positive attitude will take you far in life.


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Chris also writes extensively on several topics. Check out Chris’ blog.

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Chris Pintek | Inspirery

Chris Pintek a business owner located in Fort Worth, Texas. He began his business four years ago while working as a Honda Sales Associate in Orlando, Florida. Before starting his company, Chris has had extensive experience in the Automotive market, as both a manager and working in the sales department.

Chris Pintek – Medium

Business Owner with a passion for fun. Located in Fort Wroth, Texas.

Chris Pintek

If you have a goal, you should really stick with it. If you’re positive about it will always work out just fine. Chris Pintek is an entrepreneur is a free spirit with a record of success that has followed him throughout his career. He has been in the automotive industry throughout his career.

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